Want To Get Fit, Hit Bags, Win Fights & Perfect Your Technique?


Muay Thai at The Submission Factory is the best place to learn, develop or enhance Muay Thai skills and practice. It doesn’t matter if you have never so much as stepped inside a gym, or if you’re a seasoned Muay Thai fighter. What matters is that you want to better yourself, physically and mentally and our aim at Submission Factory is to help you reach and exceed your goals.

We choose to offer Muay Thai because it’s the most well-known and practiced stand-up fighting form. Known for its effectiveness and simplicity, it is the perfect compliment to our BJJ offering.


Our strong Muay Thai program will help:

  • Improve all-round aerobic and anaerobic cardio fitness and stamina with intense classes that can help burn up to 1000 calories in just one hour
  • Create a strong ‘can do’ mindset as you control your emotions and train your mind to work harder, faster and stronger
  • Refine your kicks, punches, knees and elbow striking with speed, accuracy and fluidity
  • Test your skills in a series of partner drills and sparring rounds
  • Showcase your efforts in Muay Thai competition fights as you unleash your inner warrior

Our classes are designed to be taught with all levels and ability in mind. Safety is our number one priority. We foster respect for your fellow students, care and control and have a zero-tolerance to recklessness, aggression and ego.

So if you’re looking to lose and maintain weight-loss, get fitter, get stronger and more confident, then our Muay Thai program will fast become your passion.

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Ricky W.


Ethan W. has been training with Submission Factory for six years now. He finds the whole experience fun and really likes the club and instructors. It’s like a family place. I like it because it’s nice and small and everybody knows each other. The vibe is great. To be honest, I love everything here! Ethan definitely has more respect and controlled emotions. Training here made Ethan a pretty chilled out kid. It has made him better. His focus with his school work is much better. He eats clean and thinks clean. Training Jiu Jitsu has made kept him healthy and on the path to success for the future.




My kids Cooper and Kalel have been training with Submission Factory for three years. The thing we get the most out of it is good exercise and self-defence skills. My older son does competitions and he loves it, whilst my younger son likes to do the training and self-defence. We were looking for a martial arts program for the kids and someone recommended this place. Couldn’t be more happier! With training Jiu Jitsu the kids also have more discipline and have developed smart problem solving skills.


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